EMF competently and expertly organizes a series of meetings between your company's management and solvent investors. In personal one-on-one meetings, you can convince investors of your company's future prospects. Explain your company's strategy, goals, current financial position and future prospects in a powerful equity story. Take advantage of the large number of visitors at our roadshows and answer investors' individual questions. Other participants such as press representatives or financial influencers also notice a convincing appearance at a roadshow and report positively about your company to their readers or followers.

Get to know trends

EMF's financial experts have many years of experience in the capital market. Through our contacts to financially strong companies, fund managers, investors and investment advisors, we learn about new trends and current developments on the international financial markets at an early stage. We pass on our expertise to our clients. In addition to information on current developments, this also includes numerous other financial topics such as:

  • new trends
  • current market situation
  • future markets and their prospects
  • tax situations

Strengthen your expertise and convince in discussions with investors, business partners, employees and banks with your specialist knowledge. This increases the financial strength of your company and ensures profitable investments!